For Paris Hilton money is not everything

For Paris Hilton money is not everything. There are also credit cards, checks, gold and diamonds…

paris hilton jewels


Paris Hilton and the problem of poverty in the world

Paris Hilton is very aware of the problem of poverty in the world. All her money, however, is a good way to support it.

paris hilton poverty

Paris Hilton and the Apple laptop

Paris Hilton is insane of her Apple laptop, but she has not yet understood why they put that flashing apple on the cover.

paris hilton with apple laptop.jpg

Paris Hilton, Madonna and marketing

Once there was Madonna and marketing 1.0. Now it’s the era of Paris Hilton and marketing 2.0

paris hilton madonna

Paris Hilton and the cremation of the dead

Paris Hilton has recently realized that cremation is not something that has to do with desserts.

paris hilton cake

Paris Hilton the Google keyword

Paris Hilton is the most clicked girl in Google. And also in the real life.

paris hilton naked tits

Paris Hilton and the new terroristic attack

New York. Yesterday evening a powerful series of explosions has caused great fear of a new terroristic attack. It is uncovered then that the real cause was the many bottles of champagne uncorcked by Paris Hilton during one of its parties.

paris hilton party



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